Buy Right is a Purchasing Agent for independently owned food service operations

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About Us

Joe and Janet Tegtmeier, principal operators of Buy Right, have over 45 years of combined experience in Restaurant and Retail Food Service.

They’ve covered a lot of ground in the field: cooking & food prep; baking; serving; festival organization; merchandising; wholesale distribution; restaurant operations; small business and employee management; and of course, purchasing.

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What We Do

Buy Right Purchasing Group is an agency for independently owned foodservice operations.

Through the development of strong contracts with vendors, Buy Right obtains national account pricing for its members based on the group’s cooperative purchasing power.

Buy Right performs three main functions

We negotiate agreements with vendors and service providers at set margins, mark-ups, or prices, allowing members to achieve savings that are locked in (contract terms vary among vendors).


We audit those agreements to ensure that the terms are met. Formal audits are conducted twice a year; we may also audit any vendor at any time, for any reason.


We establish and manage allowances and rebate programs with manufacturers. We process and collect this revenue and distribute it back to our members per their eligible purchases.


What’s Next?

We complete a full evaluation of your current costs, comparing what you pay other vendors with our contract prices.

We then present a summary of our findings, which includes some insight into how your current vendors maximize profit for themselves, thereby affecting your own bottom line. This valuable consulting project is provided at NO COST to you, but is a critical step in helping you decide if Buy Right is a good fit for your business.

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We always love to share our customer success stories with our users to get more customers.


Our Vendors

Below are some vendors with whom we’ve established partnerships. As we grow outside our home state of Wisconsin, our vendor list will expand to meet the needs of other regions.

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