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Buy Right Purchasing

Buy Right Purchasing is an Independent Restaurant Collective (IRC) that provides independent restaurants with greater purchasing power, often equal to that of national corporate and chain restaurants. Buy Right serves as an in-house Purchasing Director, primarily through procuring competitive pricing contracts based on the group's purchasing leverage.

Our 125+ members have $22 million in combined purchasing volume, which allows us to negotiate master contracts with well-known vendors. These contracts substantially increase bottom-line profits for our members, which include restaurants, hotels, clubs, and non-profits. Our revenue is generated from minimal membership dues. We receive no compensation from our vendors - we answer only to our members. The annual savings we provide for one location is typically 4-10 times more than our fee. We add significant value to membership through our dedication to excellent personal service in addition to the low prices on food and supplies.

While Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are becoming more mainstream in the foodservice industry, Buy Right has operated differently since its beginning in 1994. GPOs are our main competitors and are typically billion-dollar conglomerates that focus primarily on national and international accounts, with their customers often treated as numbers. Instead, Buy Right is focused on helping independent restaurants succeed. Like its members, Buy Right is independently owned and privately held, and we recognize and tend to the unique needs of each member just as a valuable partner should. Our company is small, but the service we provide is substantial.

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