About Us

Buy Right Purchasing is an agency for independently owned foodservice operations


About the Owners

Joe and Janet Tegtmeier have been the principal operators of Buy Right since 2003.

They have over 45 years of combined experience in Restaurant and Retail Food Service. They’ve covered a lot of ground in the field: cooking & food prep; baking; serving; festival organization; merchandising; wholesale distribution; restaurant operations; small business and employee management; and of course, purchasing.

About us

Their success is founded on a wide range of partnerships, from local producers to national distributors.

They understand that independent operators need a variety of sources from which to find just what they want to maintain their unique style, yet they also need the buying power of a large operation to compete in a tough industry. Buy Right negotiates with several vendors and distributors to achieve the same benefits that national chains enjoy; our members reap those benefits through significant cost savings.