Q:  How is Buy Right funded?

A:  Buy Right members pay a nominal fixed monthly fee for the services provided by Buy Right.  Fees may be as low as $50/month and are based on the purchasing volume of each restaurant location.  Generally, Buy Right members get a bottom-line return of 4-10 times their annual fee.  Buy Right also retains a small percentage of all rebates and allowances that are collected each quarter on behalf of our members. Any rebates obtained solely by any operator without Buy Right's help are not subject to a percentage retention.

Q:  What makes Buy Right different from any other buying group?

A:  Buy Right is NOT paid by any vendor.  This gives us the freedom to analyze contracts, research other vendors, negotiate the best terms for our members and even switch vendors if necessary, to ensure our members are getting the best prices.  No other buying group is funded this way.  Buy Right works for our members and essentially is no different than having a salaried Purchasing Director on staff.  We align ourselves with the independent restaurant owner and NOT the vendor.  While the vendors are our partners, you, the business owner, are our boss.

Q:  How much money does Buy Right save a restaurant?

A:  Buy Right's members range from bars and taverns to caterers, family diners, fine dining establishments, hotels, and clubs, so the savings vary by location.  However, the average overall reduction in costs is about 4 to 6 percent of a restaurant's gross sales, which can equate to thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Q:  Do I have to buy certain items to see the savings?

A:  No.  Restaurants in the group vary greatly and so do their purchasing needs.  Our contracts cover all food and supply categories, so the savings are seen on everything a restaurant buys.  We do have agreements in place with specific vendors, so it is in the best interest of the members to purchase as much as possible from them. This is why our program works so well; our members' purchasing power is increased by the group's volume, and the vendors achieve greater, more consistent sales at a fair profit.  Buy Right member compliance to our vendor contracts is exceptionally high.

Q:  How do I find out if this would work for me?

A:  We set up an initial meeting with you to explain the details of the Buy Right program.  Then we collect your purchasing data and perform a full evaluation, comparing your prices with the Buy Right pricing agreements.  Finally, we'll present our findings and show you how you may benefit from becoming a member of the group.