What we do

Buy Right performs three main functions:


We negotiate agreements with vendors and service providers at set margins, mark-ups, or prices, allowing members to achieve savings that are locked in (contract terms vary among vendors).

We audit those agreements to ensure that the terms are met. Formal audits are conducted twice a year; we may also audit any vendor at any time, for any reason.


We establish and manage allowances and rebate programs with manufacturers. We process and collect this revenue and distribute it back to our members per their eligible purchases.


What we do

Buy Right Purchasing functions as a purchasing agent focusing on independent restaurants. Through the development of strong contracts with vendors, Buy Right obtains national account pricing for its members based on the group’s collective purchasing power.

They understand that independent operators need a variety of sources from which to find just what they want to maintain their unique style, yet they also need the buying power of a large operation to compete in a tough industry. Buy Right negotiates with several vendors and distributors to achieve the same benefits that national chains enjoy; our members reap those benefits through significant cost savings.